VX-One Air

Sensor controlled, UVC and HEPA powered air sterilization.

High precision air quality sensors

1 Automatic operation

Automated and manual operation mode. The automated mode adjusts the filtering sensitivity based on high precision air sensors readings.

2Advanced sensors

The unit fuses volatile organic compounds (VOCs) sensors with advanced VOC Index algorithms and MCERTS-certified fine particulate matter PM2.5 and PM10 sensors, providing a real-time picture of room AIR quality

3Silent operation

A premium aluminum vibration-free ventilator provides silent ( 45db* ) operation.

3.2” touch screen

Extremely powerful, Effective and Mobile

1Fine dust F9 filter

Robust particle filter to catch particles of size 1 - 10 µm over a surface of 8 square meters.

2Robust ultrawide controlled fan

Aluminium Fan blades produce a nominal airflow up to 980 (m3/h).

3UV-C 440W chamber

8x – 55W UV-C lamps curved into a reflective aluminium maximize the air sterilization.

4HEPA H13 filter

Ultrafine HEPA filter of particle size < 1 µm over a surface of 8 square meters.


1. The air is pulled on the top of the unit using a strong fan.

2. The air goes though a long F9 filter which catches particles of size 1 - 10 µm.

3. The air continues though a long UV-C chamber which sterilizes the smallest particles using UV-C radiation.

4. Before existing the unit the air is filtered by an additional extended H13 HEPA filter which filters particles of size < 1 µm.

5. The sterilized air exists the unit on the bottom sides.


1. Completely sealed design enables UV-C Air sterilization to work in any environment where people are present.

2. The multi-level filtering system outputs pathogen free air.

3. Multi-speed settings enable rapid air sterilization when time is of an essence.

4. Light aluminium design enables effortless movement .

Technical Characteristics

Airflow (m3/h)


UV-C power ( W )


Number of UV-C lamps


UV-C control ( on/off )


F9 filter dimens. (mm)


HEPA filter dimens. (mm)




Depth (mm)


Height (mm)


Power supply (V)


Max. consumption (W)


Weight (kg)



The VX-One Air is certified for use in the hospitality sector and critical government institutions. It's been tested by the independent Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology for the following standards: EN 303 446-1 (55015), EN 60598-1:2015+A1, EN 60598-2-:2018, and EN 62471:2008. The test reports are available per request. The CE certification is available here.